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Why not?

What has prevented you from getting started or moving forward in the past. What obstacles have stood in your way? Have you had problems getting started or seeing yourself as the new you? Have you had a plan but got stuck in planning mode or have you been waiting for the time to be right and all things aligned and then start?

Guess what, once you get in planning mode, you will be stuck their as people that took action are moving towards their goals every day. There also is no such thing as the perfect time or the stars to align, it will never happen. You need to create the right time and you only do that by taking action, now. GO!! Put a plan together, identify what has held you back in the past and get going. No matter what the goal is take the mantra…READY, FIRE, AIM!! Goals change as do the times and our surroundings, that fine, that is where you course correct but do so on the fly, not stuck in planning mode.

People that achieve success do this, they get an idea and they launch it, let the market or their body or their support system tell them what works and what doesn’t and they course correct but they are always moving forward. The easy part is the plan, the work starts when you take action. It wont always be easy but it will be more than worth it.


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