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Put simply, your what is your goal. It is that moment or achievement you focus on and put your energy towards. It should drive you every day and you should be moving closer with each move and decision you make. Depending on which studay you read, 80% of people give up their New Years resolution within 6 weeks, 98% give up in the first 3 months. Why is that? Ask yourself what made you give up if you are one that starts every year with a resolution. It could be health and fitness, relationships or job and income that is your goal, why did you give up the last time?

My guess is it is one of two things, comfort or too small a goal. Was your resolution to go to the gym 5 times a week but then Sunday came and it was cold so you gave your self an excuse. Was it to go out once a month for a date night with your significant other to re-learn why you love each other, then a late meeting came up but hey, there is next month. Then one of the kids got sick and you had to stay home. Next thing you know it’s been 6 months since your last date but hey, we can start this next year. Is it a promotion or income level, you realize the amount of work it takes to gain just a little and you convince yourself that the payoff isn’t big enough, so you jump back on the hamster wheel and go back to grinding away. You get comfortable, you look in the mirror and make the conscious choice that what you are, who you are and who you spend time with is fine, who should want more anyway? YOU SHOULD!!

is your goal to lose 10 pounds and you give yourself the whole year to do it? To go on a date 4 times this year or not miss many kids events. Is your goal to just make more than you made the last year? You are thinking wayyyy too small. If you are there in your comfortable chair with comfy clothes and watching some show you can’t name, close your eyes and think what would your life be if everything you wanted were there for the taking. WAKE UP CALL, it is there but wont come to you, you have to go get it. Don’t get stuck in always planning, while you are doing that hundreds of people are sprinting by you because they took action. Power all is not a plan, start with goals and go get them. Now.


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