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This is the step that takes the most looking into your self because it entails truly figuring out why the goal you set is important to you. Ask your self why 5 times is a good start. If it is a health goal, why is it important for you to be healthy? Then keep going asking yourself 4 more times why? You may find that your why doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what the goal actually is, and that is perfect. If it ends up that your final why for getting in shape is coaching a grandkid in baseball, congratulations!! You have found your true inspiration and are more likely to maintain that healthy lifestyle for a lifetime, not just a year or 6 months. It will still=ake some deep thinking and some open thoughts with yourself about why things are important for you.

Motivation can come and go and it changes everyday. Everyone has a motivation per day calendar or an email they get or a pop up that shows each morning, but the message is always different. The goal is that same to motivate you to action but is the easiest to give up on. Inspiration can change as you knock goals off but it never leaves and remains consistent. Think about being healthier because you want to coach your unborn grandson to play baseball, that inspiration is not leaving you. It stays with you everyday and will be there to help you get that amazing lifestyle you want for a lifetime.


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