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You day

Today could be your day. In fact, everyday can be your day you just have to be on the lookout for the opportunity. If you are sitting there the Friday staring at the clock and counting down to when happy hour starts and the weekend starts, think about why that is important to you. Is it that you get to see friend and share the stories of the week or what you have planned for the weekend, knowing that it is short lived and will be Sunday afternoon again soon and you’ll be dreading what you are going to walk into on Monday morning.

Is it the freedom from work or bosses or the freedom to do what you want for a couple days without fear of having another deadline or a report due on Monday? Do you dream of having that freedom each and everyday of your life? What if that feeling you have on Saturday with a full weekend of fun and friends and adventures happened every single day? How old would you be? Where in the world would you be?

My question to you is this, why not make that your goal and design your plan for that lifestyle you desire now instead of when you are 70 and finally retire. We all have responsibilities and jobs and things that we have to do each and everyday but what about all those other hours of each day, week and year of your life. If you close your eyes and truly thing about the life you desire to lead, what would it take to get from where you are today to that place. Why not either create or re-create you goals and things you do towards living that life earlier instead of later. Make each day a new chapter in that journey and make each day, your day.


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