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No matter what your goals are or your inspiration for achieving them, you have to make the commitment to yourself to do what you set out to do. In starts with being intentional about your time and most importantly how you use it. Either write out or time block or whatever your method is how you will spend each minute of the day and have those items be intentional. Each moment we spend “chilling out” or just sitting is a moment that people that are living those amazing lives are spending doing something to move themselves forward and continue to make progress,

Be intentional with how you are using your time, there are only so many minutes in the day for everyone. Once you get that map laid out, commit to the action of doing. Plans don’t make success, actions do. When you are focused on building the lifestyle you desire, don’t get sidetracked, remember your inspiration for doing what you are doing and that you made the commitment to do it, you don’t want to let yourself down right? You are in control of your actions and how you react when forces want to punch you off course, you have made the commitment and have the tools to adjust accordingly to any outside influences and keep moving forward.


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