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We do not fail!

It’s always a part of doing something new and having a different attitude about your life, goals and the lifestyle you want, failure. Same reason we don’t seek out new opportunities or recognize them when them come, out past did not yield the results were seeking so we look at it as failure, The challenge to you is this:


Look at the times you had had that didn’t work out or when you face challenges on your current path, as learning opportunities. That’s all they are, they taught us to not do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. They are all lessons in ways to do it that didn’t work. Take Thomas Edison, when asked why he kept going after thousands of attempts to make the lightbulb he didn’t respond with some can’t be done or scrap the idea. He simply said, I didn’t fail, I found thousands of ways to NOT make a lightbulb!

Look at it that way, each time you face challenge it is not a time to stop or do something else, keep moving forward with the knowledge that you learned the lesson from the last time and course correct and keep going.


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